The UK's Cheapest way to get £10million DJ & Photobooth Public Liability Insurance and other great Member Benefits is by joining for just £55

MDJN Standard Membership includes Public Liability Insurance (PLI) of £10m + Employers Liability Insurance (ELI) + Products Liability Insurance. Check out the chart below to see the many other benefits our Membership gives you!

If there's an accident involving you or your DJ or Photobooth equipment, a claim on you could be really expensive and end your business. Worse still, if you are not a limited company, any claim could cripple you financially. It it worth the risk?

Accidents happen, even when you think you are being really careful about your equipment and set up. One cable not taped down, or a speaker tripod not extended and used properly could lead to a claim for damage or injury.

Just £55 covers you for a full year!

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