We are launching our new Find A DJ and Find A Photobooth websites very soon. This gives you a mini website you can easily and quickly edit and manage. There is no extra charge to be included, but you must have a Long Description of at least 150 characters and 3 photo's uploaded, otherwise your listing will not be show to the public.

These sites will be focussed on specific types of event.  You can feature on all or selected ones, depending on the market you are aiming at. You select these using the tick boxes on your listing marked DJ Type

To get the best from your mini website, you need to complete the details on your membership Profile. To do this, just login which takes you to your Dashboard. Then edit the Membership you want to complete, and fill in as many details as possible. Make sure you include your company logo and some pictures and a description longer than 150 characters

Write original content, don't just copy and paste from your website. If you do, this will have a negative effect on how Google views your website, as it will see this as a duplicate!

Make your mini website attractive to the client, the more WOW it looks, the more likely the client is to click to find out more. Then they will make an enquiry direct to you. or they may click straight through to your website

How do I do it?

We've created a great skeleton structure for you. However it's down to you to make it personal to you and attractive to the client. You do this by editing your Membership listing within your Dashboard.

Here you have assorted tick boxes, text boxes and a facility to upload your logo and pictures

On the right you'll see the mini website created by our technical guru, Jason Clark. Although he's a code expert, he created this profile using just the basic tools we give you. So there's no reason why you can't create something like this, or even better!

The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it by way of enquiries

We will be working hard to make our Members' Mini Websites rank well on Google, so make sure yours is eye catching and informative

To comply with the new GDPR regulations, unless you complete the extra details like long description, your details will not be shown to the public. Meaning your privacy is protected but you also won't get any enquiries. This choice is yours to make