MDJN Premium Membership including DJ Equipment Insurance & Photobooth Insurance

Mobile DJ Network (MDJN) are now able to offer Premium Membership which includes Equipment Insurance of £7000 for both our DJ and Photobooth Members

This is plenty for the majority of DJs and Photbooth Operators, and what they take to an average gig, or even own and store

Covering theft and damage to your equipment, our Insurers will repair or replace the item/s and even pay for hire of replacement equipment while your claim is settled

See below - You won't find a better deal anywhere!

Craig - "I have the equipment cover and had to claim after for some equipment that had been on the floor of my units during the floods in November 2019. No real issues.

A bit of running round getting quotes for repair/replacement and paid out in full for the claim (around £3k if I remember?)"

Tom - "I had my whole trailer broken into. Approx £6k worth of kit gone.

Claimed through MDJN and their under writers. A guy came out to inspect the damage that was caused by the break in. Insurance all went through ok, very simple process and payout was quick. Won’t ever go with anyone else again! Can highly recommend. All in all, highly recommend and was so grateful I had the insurance"

With MDJN Premium Membership you get £10m PLI and £10m ELI as we have offered for the past 11 years

Now, you also get Equipment Insurance, protecting up to £7000 of your Equipment against loss or damage

You also get a subscription to Pro Mobile Magazine, with all 6 issues per year, delivered straight to your door

Your listing on our 'finder' websites will now be 'featured' meaning it's always at the top of regular listings

To make your listing stand out even more, you can now upload 10 pictures to captivate clients

The Premium Membership from MDJN really does tick all the boxes to help you and your business.

Full Policy Documents are HERE for you to review

Pricing grid above is based on recent searches and direct quotes for like products, they are the cheapest we could find and do not include any promotional offers


  • £5m PLI
  • £7000 Equipment Insurance
  • £250 Hire while claim is settled
  • Only covers equipment purchased new, and less than 3 years old

  • No dry hire cover

  • Not covered in venue overnight


  • £5m PLI
  • £7000 Equipment Insurance


  • £5m PLI
  • £7000 Equipment Insurance
  • £10000 Personal Accident
  • No Excess