Welcome to the Magic Mirror

A fantastic and entertaining product, our magic mirror or selfie mirror as we also like to call it, is a cross between a selfie mirror and a photo booth.

The fully animated Magic Selfie Mirror takes your photos and automatically prints them, but after each shot the mirror talks to you, with a fun random response verbally & shown on the screen too.  The magic mirror takes on a personality of its own, with humorous compliments and cheeky comments also.

The set of four photos are printed within a matter of seconds and dispensed below the selfie mirror for your guests to keep, with bespoke wording of the event placed on each set of photographs.

The mirror itself is a compact piece of equipment which means that if space isn’t available for one of our photo booths, then the selfie mirror is a perfect alternative for any event including parties, corporate events, weddings and promotions and the talking point of your event would definitely be a cheeky talking mirror!